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Exercise Routines

The results with water exercises are amazing! Get ready to exercise aqua style - for that wonderful toned and sculpted look. Water acts like a liquid weight machine, providing resistance, cardiovascular exercise and improved range of motion. You don’t need to know how to swim to exercise in water.

As a child, you probably spent hours in water, swimming pools or the sea, riding waves, playing with friends until you were waterlogged and salt-coated. Even as you grow older, the magical feeling of being in water still remains.

Benefits of Aqua Exercise


The buoyancy of the water allows you to stay afloat or glide without much effort. In addition, each movement requires considerable exertion because of the need to overcome water resistance. The combination of buoyancy and resistance of the water makes this sport ideal for working out without any risk of injury.

Improved lung capacity

In water, the hydrostatic pressure pushes against the chest and body. This helps strengthen the breathing system and as a result, the lungs become more efficient.

This pressure also improves circulation and reduces edema or swelling, and is especially beneficial for prenatal exercisers.

Great for Rehabilitation

The impact of the buoyancy of water on the joints helps protect, heal and strengthen the body. Working out in the water is also a great way to recuperate from a sports injury, recover from surgery, or even sustain your fitness level during the interim period before you get back to sports training.

Pregnant women, in particular, benefit since swimming builds abdominal and shoulder strength, areas that are especially taxed by carrying a baby. Water exercises also reduce joint stiffness, high blood pressure and other discomforts associated with pregnancy.

An integrated exercise form

Water provides an excellent opportunity for time efficient training, combining benefits of cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training. Since all movements are resisted in water, the muscular system is challenged. The arms and legs move together providing an excellent cardiovascular workout. Each movement is performed through a complete range of motion improving flexibility.

Fab abs

Water currents work constantly against the body to challenge the core muscles (abs and back) to maintain proper alignment. The abdominals are engaged throughout the session resulting in fab abs.

Improved posture

Water buoyancy and currents use the postural muscles constantly to maintain balance, stability and change of position. Moving the body through vertical and horizontal positions exercises and strengthens the muscles that are responsible for good posture.


Here are some great moves that fight flab and sculpt the entire body. Perform these exercises in approximately 4 feet of water.
You don’t need to know how to swim to do this total body water workout.


A warm-up is necessary to get the circulation going. Warm up by walking as fast as you can in the pool for 5 minutes. You can also try doing alternate knee lifts.

Tricep dips

Place palms on the pool edge. Keeping elbows close to the body, bend your elbows and then extend them.
Do 16 reps.

Bicep curls

With feet shoulder-width wide, bend your knees slightly so that shoulders are submerged in water. Position arms so that arms face upwards near the chest and elbows are in line with the shoulders. Moving from the elbow, extend and the bend the arms.
Do 16 reps.

Wall push-ups

Facing the pool wall with feet shoulder-width wide, rest your palms against the wall. Keeping your back straight, bring your chest towards the wall and push back to starting position. Do 16 reps.

Leg curls

With feet shoulder-width wide, bend right knee bringing the heel close to the hips, and then extend it. Repeat for 16 counts. Switch legs.

Leg extension

With feet shoulder-width wide, lift the right leg up and bend the knee so that it forms a 90-degree angle, extend the leg and the bend it back to the 90-degree angle. Repeat for 16 counts. Switch legs.

Side leg lifts with lateral raises

Balance on your right leg and lift the left leg to the side. At the same time extend the arms laterally to shoulder level. Lift the arms and leg up slowly resisting water and then lower down. Repeat for 12 counts. Switch legs.


Lean back against the pool wall, hold the edge for support. Lift the legs so that they are parallel to the pool floor. Spread the legs wide and bring them close together.
Do 20 reps.


Lean back against the pool wall, hold the edge for support. Bend the knees and bring the thighs close to your chest, like a standing reverse curl.
Do 20 reps.