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Evaluate your Fitness Quotient
How to work out your score

Your total score gives an indication of your fitness status. Here’s how to test your results. First, tick the relevant answers to the questions. Then refer to the points below. Add up the points to get your total score.

  • 3 points
  • 2 points
  • 1 point
Questionnaire results

A score of 18 points or less

This indicates an excellent attitude to exercise. You are focused on what you do and your exercise program is well planned and regular. Good work. Keep it up!


  • Remain focused and motivated.

  • Make sure to monitor and improve all three essential fitness components; flexibility, strength and cardiovascular training.

  • Vary your workouts to stay challenged.

  • Continue to evaluate your goals and progression.

A score between 18 and 23 points

This indicates fairly good exercise habits, which can be definitely improved.  Make small changes to make that big difference to your overall health.


  • Evaluate your fitness status and set yourself achievable goals.

  • Aim to exercise 3 to 6 days a week, for 30 to 60 minutes duration.

  • Reward yourself in small ways when you get results.

  • Monitor your progress.

  • Vary your workouts to stay interested.

A score over 23 points

This indicates that you do need to seriously focus on your exercise attitude and habits. Use this evaluation as a turning point. There are areas in your fitness plan that need to be addressed and when you do make the changes, they will transform your life.


  • Evaluate your fitness status and set yourself realistic, achievable goals.

  • Do any form of exercise that you enjoy.

  • Begin by exercising thrice a week for 30 minutes duration.
    Make exercise a habit.

  • Recognize the fact that exercise helps you look better, feel better and perform better.

How to use this score to your advantage

Once you know your score the next objective is to review your progress. The best way to do this is to maintain an exercise diary. This will serve as a record to evaluate your progress.

Make small changes, don’t take a giant leap. Changes should be ones you can handle. Then slowly make improvements on that.

The action

Set yourself achievable goals

Now that you know your score, figure out what you want to achieve.
An example of goal setting could be to lose 5 pounds in one month; or to exercise consistently.

How to progress?

Keep a fitness diary to keep track of your fitness routine. Record your weight, flexibility, muscle strength and cardiovascular intensity and duration. Set yourself goals to focus on areas that need improvement.

Have fun

The most important is to do an activity that you enjoy. You should look forward to your workout sessions.

Cultivate the right attitude to exercise

Physical activity can alleviate depression and stress, improve work performance and boost your level of self-esteem.